Upwards is a leadership programme run in schools, communities and organisations by trained facilitators over a 9-week period. Our core mission is to reach and empower Māori and Pacific young people aged 12-19, though the programme is accessible to all young people.

How our operating model works
We’re a social enterprise. This means that while we’re set up as a company, our aim is primarily to achieve our mission whilst ensuring long-term sustainability of the company. Schools which can afford to pay for the Upwards programme in full simply purchase it. For schools which can’t afford the full cost, we subsidise these by running Upwards corporate leadership programmes which help to cover these costs, as well as reaching and empowering even more people. 

What our programme covers
We relate everything covered in the programme back to three core principles inside a strengths-based approach. 

hero's journey

Further information on the course is available, including the specific topics covered, on request.