What you get when you take the Upwards leadership course

If you've been selected for the Upwards leadership programme, or you've chosen it as an elective at your school, congratulations! 

We'll go on a journey together to strengthen your leadership skills. On the way you'll learn more about yourself, about how to get by in the world and the skills you want to bring to your own hero's journey to build an awesome life. In this course, we use the metaphor of the hero a lot.

You can expect lots of teamwork, interactive games, activities and challenges to help you build a sense of success and achievement. We like using movement to learn, and we like seeing people grow. So we'll support you to learn. Most importantly, we'll have fun! There's not much sitting around and talking, here, apart from a few times where it's important.  

Ultimately, what you get out of the course will be up to how much you put in. So bring your A-game, come prepared to learn and do things outside your comfort zone. We'll support you every step of the way, but we'll need you to put in the effort too. 

Check out our feedback page (testimonials) to see what other students have to say. (We've got the most amazing footage from our students talking about what they got out of it, it'll be a proper video soon!)