You can sponsor a high school for a term (or more) directly, as part of your corporate social responsibility programme.  Alternatively, when you purchase an Upwards leadership programme for your organisation, part of the cost allows us to fund Upwards at a low-decile school locally.

How does it work?
When you choose to sponsor a school directly, we’ll give you some options around which schools are running Upwards in your area so you can choose one. We can also run an Upwards programme at another school, if they agree. However, this will need to be for at least two terms.

Why two terms? The focus for us is on long-term sustainability of programmes at schools: it takes time to set up and run each programme, and build relationships with our schools and our people there. Your sponsorship helps those schools most in need, who can’t afford to pay the full cost of the programme.

Our programmes use a strengths-based approach and are tailored for the students in each cohort.

Read more about our education outcomes and 2016 pilots in schools.  

What you’ll get in return
In return, you’ll be listed on our sponsors page, we'll put out a joint press release to say that you support us (plus any associated publicity such as logo use), and you’ll be invited to the school to present for a photo opportunity to be used on our website/other comms channels, and yours. If you have other specific needs around sponsorship, please talk to us as we can likely make it happen.