Upwards’ organisational leadership programme has been developed with the same principles in mind. The focus can be adjusted depending on whether it’s delivered to young professionals or a senior leadership team; it follows the same core ‘pou’ and frameworks as the programme for young people.

Stand alone workshop or weekly course
The programme can be delivered as a stand-alone two-day offsite workshop during the week, or with supporting weekly one-hour follow up workshops tailored to the needs of your organisation. These help you to measure and sustain change within your organisation, as well as address any challenges which arise.

We can also support your organisational programme with online learning programmes for young people and their managers, through our sister organisation Savvy Up.  Through Savvy Up, we also have access to other online leadership support programmes so talk to us if you have specific needs in this area.  

Learning outcomes
By the end of the two-day workshop, participants will have:

  1. Understood what each person brings to the team both personally and professionally, to help the team connect with each other.

  2. Created a wellbeing plan, identified any areas where they can improve their wellbeing, and have contributed to a discussion about wellbeing and how this links to safeguarding personal tapu.

  3. Contributed to discussions on safeguarding the personal tapu of others in the workplace as it relates to communication, negotiation and conflict resolution.

  4. Worked through group exercises designed to help participants implement leadership skills and grow their mana.