Love working with young people? Work with us!
In the youth sector, everyone is passionate and enthusiastic… and lots of people burn out quickly. It’s tough. We know you got into this because you love working with young people, and you want to help make things better in the world. So do we.

We want to offer an alternate pathway for experienced youth workers and facilitators across New Zealand to create a sustainable income for themselves in their own communities, by running Upwards programmes.

How it works
It’s part of our focus on sustainability and mission. We don’t hire you directly; instead we ask that you become a certified Upwards programme facilitator and purchase our course materials. You’re in charge of your own business, including linking into any other programmes you already run. We’ll support you by giving you everything you need to run the programmes, including sales support if you need that. In return, you can run Upwards in your community and make a difference in young peoples’ lives.