What we're up to: April/May 2017

"Are you a not-for-profit, or a business?" This question (which one of our advisors asked in April) has been key to the learning of the past few weeks and months. The answer right now feels like, "both". (Which probably sums up the social enterprise problem in a nutshell!)

A lot of learning, as well as some blocks - we had hoped to run Upwards in Term 2 but unfortunately this wasn't to be. However, we've been progressing in other areas - looking at potential partnerships with other organisations, and other potential business models. 

We learnt that if we're struggling to raise funding, based in Wellington with a strong network, then it's likely also going to be hard for our faciliators in remote parts of the country (and the world) to raise funds to run Upwards school courses themselves. This means we've reshaped how we run this part of the organisation. 

We're also looking ahead to the upcoming changes in how schools are funded - this will mean we have to shift a part of our model there too. 

The focus for May will be on better understanding our business customers and what they need, and building some new courses to meet that. We're also hoping to interview the young people from the first two pilots, and see how they're getting on.