What we're up to: Feb 2017

I've decided to do a quick and regular update as to what we're working on. If there's anything you can see a way to help with, get in touch! 

So right now we're working on (in brief):

  1. Schools:
    1. Identify suitable schools for this year's programme (get in touch with us if you're interested!)
    2. Reworked course materials, including concept development for the Upwards games (we're partnering with an amazing musuem exhibit designer who makes interactive games!)
    3. Reports from both pilot programmes
  2. Business
    1. Create course content and learning objectives for a team-building course
    2. Test the market for the specific customers 
  3. Funding
    1. Identify and secure sources of funding for the schools we want to subsidise costs for - we need to close a funding gap of about $500 per young person for each course (10-12 young people per term-long course) so we're looking for sponsors. 
  4. Partners: 
    1. Talk to other community organisations who have funding and people already in place and would like to buy our course materials and run Upwards.
    2. See what's going on in Govt in this space (e.g. Health, MYD). 

I believe that the best success for Upwards long-term will be providing awesome course materials which others in the community can pick up and run. Communities already know what they need - and they already usually have people in place, and existing relationships.